Complete interior design service

    Content of interior decoration work agenda:

    • Planning needs assessment with personal consultation.

    • Concept plans :

    • Demonstration of 2-3 styles concepts. Mirroring the usable colours, interior design styles and furniture types.
    • Floor plan concept design by displaying the layout of the spaces to be created, exploring different solutions, depending on the situation (Finer detailing of the most important spaces.)
    • Repeat consultations to finalise the distribution and style of the premises (continuous consultation for optimal solution)
    • Unique furniture concept color display
    • Displaying lighting at concept level
    • Proposal for supplements

    • 3D design plan of the main rooms

    Implementation plans:

    Designers or related professions can be given consigned, scaled, detailed floor plan and enhanced detail plans:

    • Dimensional, descripted, consigned floor plan
    • Drawings on the most important structural elements
    • Wall views and segments
    • Ceiling lighting design
    • Configured floor coverings, determination of the amount of cover required

    • Detailed, approved furniture plan
    • Dimensional, detailed furniture designs with accurate material designations, detailing of major points

    • Curtain design, suggestions for accessories